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Aims and Objectives

Business Education is keen to promote the wellbeing of the school through policy, practice and procedures. The staff also wish to promote a positive image of the school wherever possible.

Aims of the Faculty

The department aims to provide high quality teaching and learning in a supportive, caring, cooperative, well resourced and pleasant working environment to ensure that all pupils and staff are happy and achieve their full potential.

Curricular Aims

The faculty aims to provide a range of quality courses offering breadth, balance, choice, continuity, articulation and progression at each stage. These courses will enhance the pupil’s knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

The courses offered within this area of the curriculum will have a variety of teaching approaches to ensure pupil motivation and opportunities for the pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.

Assessment will be an integral part of the teaching and learning process and a variety of methodologies will be used.

Differentiation will be a feature of all courses within the department in order to ensure that every child has targets to achieve which are commensurate with that child’s ability.