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Edinburgh Book Festival

EVENT:  Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015
DATE:  Monday 28th August 2015
PEOPLE INVOLVED: 60 pupils from S2-S6
Earlier this term, sixty avid readers from Strathaven Academy joined the record-breaking number of visitors to the capital’s International Book Festival.  Junior and senior pupils attended a reading, followed by a Q & A session, given by young adult fiction writers Brian Conaghan and Andrew Smith.
Our pupils were delighted to hear the authors discuss their fiction and to have the chance to pose a number of challenging questions about the writing process. Following this, pupils took the opportunity to meet Brian and Andrew and have their own copies of the novels signed.
Here’s what some of our students had to say:

“The Edinburgh Book Festival was amazing! There were so many people milling around, and two huge tents full of books to buy.  The workshop gave us valuable insights into the lives of two incredible authors.  Brian Conaghan and Andrew Smith gave us many great tips on personal writing for use in our future exams.  I bought Andrew Smith’s book - Grasshopper Jungle – which is proving to be brilliantly bizarre!” 
Emily, 3Le

The workshop was excellent and gave us an opportunity to ask questions and this will help with the S3 course.  Many of us bought signed copies of both the books and they are both great reads.  I hope I have the chance to return next year! 
Chloe, 3Le

“I felt like I learned a lot just from listening to Brian and Andrew talking about their books.  I would definitely go to the book festival again!”
Rachael, 3Le