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Music Department Staff

Duncan MacKay
Heather Blades
Kathryn Jackson

Instrumental Instructors


Mr McAleenan – Brass
Mr Longalong - Woodwind
Mr Reilly – Guitar and Bass Guitar


Mrs Chalmers – Cello
Mr Love – Drum Kit


Mr Dowling – Violin
Miss Aitkenhead – Woodwind 


Mr Longalong – Woodwind
Mr Reilly – Guitar and Bass Guitar


South Lanarkshire Instrumental Music Service

Graeme Barclay                   Elaine Duffy

01698 454102

Instrument tuition is offered to pupils from P4 onwards, depending on the instrument, the pupil's ability (as determined by the instructor) and the number of places available.
Tuition is provided via schools, by visiting instructors, as part of the Instrumental Music Service (IMS).
If your child has been selected for tuition, please note the following:

  • pupils in P5 will get one year of free tuition, thereafter charges will apply as detailed below

  • students undertaking any SQA music award (S3-S6) within school are exempt from paying the annual contribution

  • pupils will get a minimum of 30 lessons per school year, delivered over three blocks

  • pupils will be encouraged to participate in school ensembles, bands and performances. When pupils reach an appropriate standard, they may also be invited to join a South Lanarkshire orchestra, band or ensemble.