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Broad General Education (S1-3)
Modern Studies
Scottish Studies and John Muir
Broad General Education S1-3


The purpose of the Broad General Education in the Social Subjects Faculty is to embed the core skills essential for progression into any of the discreet Social Subjects. 


S1 Geography BGE

Unit 1: Hot deserts
Unit 2: Scotland and Kenya
Unit 3: Local environment investigation

S2 Geography

Unit 1: Earth forces
Unit 2: Football and Fashion

S3 Geography

Unit 1: Physical Environments.

  • River Landscapes

  • Glaciated Landscapes in Scotland


Unit 3: Global Issues.

  • The Lands of the Arctic Tundra

  • Environmental Hazards. 

  • Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest




S1 History BGE

Unit 1: Archaeology
Unit 2: The impact of the Wall Street Crash on Scotland and Germany 1929-1936
Unit 3: Impact of World War 2 on Scotland 1937-1945

S2 History BGE

Unit 1: The Accursed Slave Trade
Unit 2: Free at last – America and the Civil Rights Movement

S3 History BGE

Unit 1:  Scotland and the era of the Great War 1914-19 
Unit 2: Red Flag: The Tsar, Lenin and the Russian Revolution, 1894–1921
Unit 3:  Immigrants and Exiles: Scotland, 1830s–1951






Unit 1: Diversity (the history of Christian diversification in Scotland; more recent multicultural growth)
Unit 2: Big Questions: Life after Death?


Unit 1: Buddhism
Unit 2: Ethics: Animal Rights


  • An introduction to ethical positions and stances.

  • Looking at the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer to demonstrate belief into action.

  • A choice of ethics topic from subjects like marriage and its alternatives, the treatment of animals, capital punishment, nuclear weapons, organ transplants and opportunity at work.


All pupils continue working in RME into, and throughout, S4 where the work develops a more philosophical nature exploring traditional arguments for the existence of God, criticisms of these arguments, counter arguments and alternatives like the big bang and evolution. Pupils are encouraged to see that science and religion are not necessarily in opposition and to ask if there is a central ground.


Modern Studies

S1 Modern Studies BGE
Unit 1: Understanding Modern USA
Unit 2: Elections and voting In Scotland / UK
Unit 3: Comparing Modern Scotland and Modern China

S2 Modern Studies BGE
Unit 1: International Development Gap
Unit 2: International Terrorism
Unit 3: Power of Media and New Media

S3 Modern Studies BGE
Unit 1:  Democracy in Scotland and Britain.
Unit 2:  Social Issues in Britain - Law and Order.
Unit 3:  International Issues- The USA.