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Modern Studies
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Modern Studies

Courses: National 4/5, Higher

Modern Studies History National 4 and 5

Aims of the Course
Modern Studies develops in learners a greater understanding of the contemporary world and their place within it.
The purpose of Modern Studies is to develop a learner’s knowledge and understanding of current political and social issues in local, Scottish, UK and international contexts. Learners will develop an awareness of the social and political issues they will meet in their lives.
Course details:
National 4 and 5 Modern Studies courses:

Unit 1:  Democracy in Scotland and Britain. This unit will focus on Scotland’s political system and will examine the role of the Scottish Parliament.
Unit 2: Social Issues in Britain - Law and Order. This unit will focus on the legal system in Scotland. Topics include the impact of crime on society, the role of the police and courts and how the state tackles the issue of crime.
Unit 3:  International Issues: Pupils will study topics on either a socio/economic and political study of a major world power or an international issue. The influence of the USA will be a major topic in the course.

SQA exam
The final grade is worth 80 marks60 marks are based on the final exam paper (75% of final grade).  The other 20 marks (25% of final grade) are based on a Modern Studies assignment. The assignment is a written report produced within one hour, under exam conditions.


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Higher Modern Studies

Course Structure:
There are three unit areas in the Higher Modern Studies Course:

1 Political Issues in the United Kingdom: Electoral Systems, Voting and Political Attitudes
a) The UK, Scottish, European Parliamentary and Scottish local government electoral systems; effects on the distribution of power within and among parties, in elected bodies and between the electorate and the elected.
b) Voting patterns; explanations of voting behaviour.
c) The shaping of political attitudes.

2 Social Issues in the United Kingdom: Wealth & Health Inequalities in the United Kingdom
a) Evidence of inequalities in wealth and health; causes of inequalities in wealth and health; consequences of inequalities in wealth and health.
b) With reference to ethnicity and gender: the extent of social and economic inequalities; the nature and effect of government responses to deal with these inequalities.
c) The principles of the Welfare State. The debate over the provision of and funding of
health care and welfare; individual and collective responsibility.

3 International Issues: The United States of America
a) The USA political system: the role and powers of the USA government at federal, state and local levels.
b) Political issues: participation and representation; immigration. Political parties and support from different groups. Political trends.
c) Social and economic issues: case study of ethnic minority groups.

SQA exam
The final Modern Studies exam is worth 90 marks60 marks are based on the final exam paper (67% of final grade).  The other 30 marks (33% of final grade) are based on a Modern Studies assignment. Learners will choose a topic area or issue to research and analyse their findings. They will write up their results under exam conditions. 

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