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Aims of the Course
This course is designed to engage pupils in critical thinking based on knowledge, understanding and evaluation of contemporary society (both religious and secular).  Pupils will be encouraged to think about their own place within our diverse nation and the impact they have in the local and wider community, including the global society. Pupils will be encouraged, where possible, to see cross curricular links and to use skills developed in RME to enhance their work in other curricular areas. Emphasis will be placed on the development of discursive and literary skills and also entrepreneurial and creative skills.
Where it is possible to work collaboratively with other partners outside of school, this will be encouraged, as will the opportunity to engage in activities based on learners’ preferences and interests.


Development of Skills
Pupils will be encouraged to develop skills in literacy and numeracy, discursive writing and reasoned discussion, debate and personal opinion, communication with peers and partners, innovative thinking, entrepreneurialism and a sense of responsibility and citizenship.


Note on RME and Religious Observance

Each session we will have 3 end of term services in Rankin Parish church. We will also have several occasions when there can be time for reflection for students.

If parents/ carers wish their children to be withdrawn from Religious Observance or RME in school, parents/ carers are advised to contact the school.