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Courses: Scottish Studies, John Muir Award

Scottish Studies

Aims of the course
The new Scottish Studies Award, at SCQF levels 4 and 5 provides opportunities for learners to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of Scotland — in terms of its people, languages society, culture, natural environment and heritage — and to make connections across the curriculum.
It provides recognition for learners who choose to make these connections by studying aspects of three subject areas in a Scottish context.
At all levels, the Award has a broad and flexible framework, providing scope for personalisation and choice.

Scottish Studies is a new cross curricular course which is assessed via 4 units. There is no external exam.  The course will be offered at level 4 and level 5 and can represent progress for pupils who achieve a National 4 award in a social subject in S4 or an opportunity for those with a National 5 award in S4 to continue their interests in the Social Subjects in a Scottish context.

The course will be studied in the Faculty of Social Subjects and RME and will contain the following units.

National 4/5 Travel and Tourism, Scotland – provided by the Geography Department

National 4/5 Democracy in Scotland OR Social Inequality in Scotland – provided by the Modern Studies Department.

National 4/5 Scottish History; The Treaty of Union or the Wars of Independence- provided by the History Department.

Scotland in Focus – this is a research exercise where pupil can choose an element of Scottish History, Environment, Society or Culture which may or may not be related to the 3 units above.

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The John Muir Award:

The John Muir Award is an environmental award scheme that encourages students to connect with, enjoy and care for wild places through a structured yet adaptable scheme. The Award is not competitive but does challenge each participant to develop independent learning skills with support from experienced staff across several departments. Taking part in this award will develop an understanding of, and responsibility for, a chosen wild place or places. In addition, the award helps to develop a social and political literacy unique to outdoor education as well as an awareness of how skills developed in the award can help further progress literacy, numeracy, health and well being as well as core interpersonal and intrapersonal life skills needed for the world of work. At the Academy, the award is strongly linked to numerous community partners, ranging from local historical and community development groups to national and international bodies such as SEPA, Archaeology Scotland, Conservation International and UNESCO.  Pupils achieve a nationally recognised award acknowledged by a certificate at the appropriate level. Experiences can be included in a student’s Record of Achievement and CV / UCAS applications.


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