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Faculty of Social Subjects & RME
The Faculty of Social Subjects believes it has a significant contribution to make to the learning experience of all pupils at Strathaven Academy. Through our curriculum we aim to motivate and challenge pupils to enable them to achieve their fullest potential. As a faculty we have ambition and aspirations for all and aim at all times to equip pupils with knowledge and skills that will be of value to them throughout their lives.
We aim to encourage pupils to consider major issues, form opinions and work out values they can apply to the world around them, to acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the present day world- in terms of our society and our environment and its connections with the past, our heritage.
As a Faculty we strive to:

  • Provide a positive and focused learning environment to allow all pupils to work to the best of their ability.

  • Provide Effective Learning and Teaching across the Faculty.

  • Provide high levels of attainment for all pupils (certification for all at senior phase)

  • Provide opportunities for high levels of achievement for all pupils (providing and supporting opportunities that allow young people to achieve)¬†