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The Role of the Parent Council


To support the endeavours of those managing the school by:

- Raising standards of education in the school. pupil playing an instrument

- Securing improvements in the quality of education in the school.

- Developing the pupils to their full potential.


To make representation to:

- The Head Teacher and staff.

- The Education Authority.


This is achieved through promoting the involvement of parents in the education of children. To promote contact between:

- The School picture of pupils and the public

- The Parents’ Forum

- Parents of prospective pupils

- The Community


To report to the Parents’ Forum:

Annually on the activities of the Parent Council.


To obtain views of the Parents’ Forum: picture of s1 pupils during fun day

- On the Standards of education in the school.

- On the quality of education in the school.

- On how the Parent Council is performing.

- And report them to Head Teacher.


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Who are the Parent Council?

The parent council is made up of parents and carers of pupils in the school.

Two pupil representatives and two teacher representatives are co-opted members with headteacher, Mr Nicolson being the Advisor to the council.

Mr Charles Beattie is the Parent Council Chair.

The process to become a member of the Parent Council for next session (2015 - 16) will start early in the New Year when nominations will be sought from parents and carers of all pupils in the school, provided there are vacancies arising on the Council as a result of existing members retiring.

A vote will take place to elect members if there are more nominations than vacancies. 

More details will be posted on the website in due course.


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Meeting Dates

The Parent Council meet in Strathaven Academy library on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.

Parent Council meetings are open meetings and a welcome awaits parents and carers who would like to join us at our monthly meetings.


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Copies of minutes are available from the school office.


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Contact Us

Mr Beattie, Chair of the Parent Council, can be contacted via Strathaven Academy’s school office, either by telephone (01357 524040) or email office@strathaven.s-lanark.sch.uk


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