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Promoting Positive Behaviour

We are currently reviewing the Strathaven Academy Promoting Positive Behaviour position statement.  As part of our new strategy we are using a demerits system to identify and monitor concerns regarding some of the basics we expect from all of our pupils. Pupils may receive a demerit in relation to:

- Behaviour

- Effort

- Homework

- Failure to bring their equipment

- Uniform

- Punishment Exercise

- Detention

If your child receives an unacceptable number of demerits then you will be contacted by their pupil support teacher or year head.  We hope that the introduction of this system will continue to support all of our learners to maintain the high standards and expectations we have in Strathaven Academy. Further information will follow in due course regarding the strategies for recognising and celebrating success of our learners who consistently demonstrate a commitment to being a model Strathaven Academy pupil.

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