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S5 - Fifth Year at Strathaven Academy

Past Paper and Study Book Sale

Strathaven Academy is hosting its first ever past paper and study guide book sale. This will give S4 and S5 pupils the opportunity to buy study books at a discounted rate. We would ask any pupil with books they no longer need to bring their books to Ms Barr's office by Monday 31st October. Books will also be collected during registration every day this week. All books will be priced at £5 which will go in full to the original owner after the sale. If the book does not sell, the book will be returned to the original owner.

The following information may be useful to students in the senior phase:

Subject Choice Booklet for the Senior Phase

Subject Choice Presentation for the Senior Phase

Study Skills Pupil Booklet

Study Planner

Useful Websites for Revision

Learner Pathway